Uncommon Common

Picture depicts burden that can't even hang on the wall
Momma is that why you can't stand to see me at all?
Is that why you tell your best friend to tell me you hope I fall?
And if you saw me burning in a fire pit
You wouldn't even spit on me at all?
Is that why you cuss me out, hang up and
Then change your number every time I call?
Well, thanks for the embryo
Because without you I wouldn't be here at all
I refuse to be ashamed of my story
I refuse to bear your burden
I refuse to let your actions define my future and history
I chose to put a great distance
Between this heartache at this instance
It's sad when I have to declare you as dead to me
So my mind can be cleared for me
When were you ever there for me?
It would make sense if you were a crack head
But you're fully functioning
Some of your friends are endorsing it
The ones that don't?
You don't even talk to them
I refuse to bear your burden
Life is sink or swim
No pain no gain isn't only for the gym
If you were in my life you'd probably try to control it

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