As a virus sweeps across the land
Remember it favors, no single one man
Protect yourselves, stay in your homes
Wash your hands, wipe down your phones
If you're lucky to smoke a joint
It's great stress relief, just making a point
Love thy neighbor, though stay to thy self
As to spread this death, with grief comes guilt
We are one nation hereunder, God
Pray for all the masses, don't be a cod
Please, follow all rules yet, know who to trust
Our economy is shrinking, though not a complete bust 
As we get through this crisis with, wisdom and might
Know we can recover, even soar to great heights
Though you may feel sequestered, stay safe in your nest
In time, knowing many who might have been blessed 
Be proud of yourselves, staying steadfast and strong
Though recognize not solely are you in this alone
Many are those sacrificing themselves and much more
May all life be protected as they look upon their doors
I hope this helps, I hope it makes you stop to think
For we have no choice, in moving back by the brink
Shattered the world mourns, we too should all cry
As there's just no good reason, so many should die
Use common sense, knowing all life intertwines
All anomalies hold analogies to which humans define 

Created March 22-2020
by Terry S Bradley

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