Uncommon Sense

There goes common sense again
always trying to leave us when
we feel there is no option.

Age old question of what we shall do
brings us together when we have no clue
now tell me world, have we an easier way
than living for tomorrow and not today?

Help me find my purpose, help me find my path
even if it’s dim I’ll light it up on Your behalf
I want to live a dream yet unknown to me
this gem I mine, extract, define
I hope will soon break free.

“Do what pays best,” they said
why, green’s what matters most
but pain envelops joy in red
green happiness but a ghost.

They cannot take the blame as I’ve had so many years
to emerge from dreaming, child’s game
and finally face my fears.

I cannot marry desire to profession
in this real world where I’ve learned this lesson
a dichotomy exists between
what they want and what we dream
or what they say and what we mean.

It seems I’m afraid of falling deeply
to depths of unfamiliarity
the life that I love, I cannot see
it floats far above, distant from me.

Someday when my dream has begun
my fire will burn strong as the sun
and the world will cease to be a place
where my heart’s desires are a disgrace.

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