Unconditional Love

Lord thank you for Your unconditional love.
Honestly my Lord, You make me speechless.
I cannot find any words to describe You
You are so much than just beautiful to me, words that doesn't even exist in this earth, but in heaven.
You helped me and healed me.
You made my needed empty heart rejoice of happiness just by Hearing Your name.
When I tripped and fell You lifted me up.
When stones were thrown at me You let one affect me for a reason, but You, Almighty Lord, you blocked the rest.
When I was hurt, you took good care of me.
When demons coming out of the pits whispered in my ear to commit sin, you rebuked them and You whispered Your love.
When I was alone You were by my side.
I preferred to trust others.
Put the world first rather than You.
You decided to never give up, like any loving father would do, when their child has become a rebel from one day to another.
Oh Savior of mine, You made me understand so much I never did before.
It took me this long to figure them all, no maybe just chapter 4 on my unfinished book.
I am eager to see my name in the book of life.
Because You my Lord are my life.
However, teacher I sure have a lot to learn, but what You have taught me so far Rabbi has brought me closer to You.
Guide my path because I will forever follow my Leader.
Because I am not a follower of mankind,
I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I can say now with so much joy and love that I trust you Jesus, King of kings, love of my life.
My heart, mind, everything belongs to you.
Thank you for everything my Love.

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