Unconditional Love

The loss I bare since he's been gone,
has left me aching, making it to hard to be strong.
A word to the wise he use to say,
has left me empty, and astray.
For all I remember, was taking his hand,
along the shore with our toes in the sand.
The way he knew what was on my mind,
how time stood still, yet I wish i could rewind.
Everyday was cherished, I hoped it would last,
now it's just a figment of my past.
No matter the issue, he always knew,
just what to say, and advised what I should do.
There is no love like a daddy and his daughter,
his love, wisdom, and laughter he taught her.
No matter the heartbreak, from any man,
He picked up my sorrows,
an taught me to stand.
Inspite of the cruelties life's thrown my way,
He made me see, and embrace the light each day.
So as you see, why my hearts left in the sand,
because theres no other love,
then a daughter and her dad!

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