Unconditional love

Empty, and vacant, my heart.

Since childhood I watched you,

grow and blossom,

breathe, briefly wither,

Tell me blatant truths, sell me dreams unthought of,

your skin failed you, but your smile came through,

your hands got clammy and cold, but you never let go of your waning friend.

You loved me so purely,

even on days that I couldn't love myself,

you put me to sleep,

you took upon yourself my troubled youth.

I promised you I wasn't like the others,

and you told me of my silver soul.

And then came the silence.

Not silence that calms you at dusk,

but piercing painful screeching silence,

beeping in your ears like an unending siren.

Years later, I came back home to find you,

willing to accept the new me,

love me like we were never estranged,

You were so indifferent to my shortcomings.

Indifferent to my flaws.

Indifferent to my evils.

I changed and so did you.

Your curly hair like ocean waves

held me captive.

I don't know if I'll ever be in love with a girl,

but if I must, then nobody has my heart like you do

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