Unconditional Love

I try not to show the pain that's killing me inside,
not having my mother or my daughter, a piece of me has died.
How has my life lead to this,
so broken and confused,
I want to let it all out,
but not for all those waiting
for me to fail to be amused.
I continue to hide all these horrible
things that I feel with a smile on my face,
but deep down I'm just needing there loving embrace.
I can't explain how bad this
hurt is that I feel, I just know it's getting unbearable,
and with it weighing on my heart, it's hard to deal.
With each day that passes by,
I hold my head high and try to be strong,
but I think that soon I will break,
and it will all go wrong. I lie in bed and cry
just to have them near,
trying my best to stay sane,
while I fight away all the fear.
Truth is I'm beyond scared, I'm mad,
lonely and I hurt so bad,
all I want is that unconditional love
that I once had!

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