Unconditional Love

They love us more than they love themselves
They don't judge you by looks or by smells
They are playful, protective, passionate, and pure
They are better companions than a cat for sure
They love us endlessly with their hearts of gold
Why they do this we will never be told
They are all unique but care just the same
They chase balls and their tails for fun without shame
They are whom we confide in when we are alone
Why they are so caring will forever be unknown
They are not just pets, they are family too
They put a smile on our faces whenever we feel blue
They may slobber, bark, and have bad breath
They although love you immensely from birth until death
They brighten our lives like the sun does the sky
Why do they act so loyal and always comply
They live a short life but deserve so much more
They clean up the food you drop on the floor
They know when you're happy, angry, or sad
They lick your cuts and bruises until they don't hurt as bad
They fill a void we aren't aware that is there
They are proud to be yours no matter what you wear
They are lifelong companions unlike any other
They are not animals but rather a friend, sister, or brother
They stand by your side no matter what you do
Why we deserve these blessings in life I haven't a clue

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