Unconscious Thoughts

My mind is racing, my hand...I'm tryna place it...on a thought
But I must erased it. That can't be true.
We don't lose memories...These are the things we can't remove.
Where is it though? Clinching on to love, I can't let go...wait!
Where am I going?
My mind is scrambled, just another gamble...Wait!
Again I loss my train of thought.
A lot can be taught, not everything can be bought. Is that real?
You'll only know if you feel.
My senses not making sense anymore.
I've seen poor, I just want to See more.
See what I mean...I haven't stuck to one single thing.
Scattered brain because inside rest pain.
I can't keep em sleep cause that wouldn't be sane.
Awake the beast, confront the stress...oppress No.
I see the oppressed, I was once...Wait! I'm no different.
I just want to be...Bang!
It's like we never get to finish....Bang!
You just don't under-sta....

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