What is it you hide within,
Within that weary smile?
Is it pain ,or gloom , or sorrow?
You're alone under that pile.
What is it you try and cover,
Cover up the words that slipped?
The truth you were to forget?
Cause those chains have you gripped.
What is it you try and show,
Show to the world around?
Is it who you pretend to be?
Cause your best was never found.
What is it you perfectly fake,
Fake that you care for them?
Does it gain you goodness points?
Else it'd be a zero on ten.
What is it you have behind,
Behind those cheerless eyes?
Is it joy you won't reveal?
Cause the world's jealous of your rise.
Why is it you keep yourself,
Yourself from the world?
Open up and let them know,
Let your cries and joy be heard.

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