Undaunted Rainbow

Colors on my windowsill
Vibrant and gentle,
shining without a trace of negativity,
Touched by the sun but never scalded by it
Melding into each other
With harmonious familiarity
Sharing the light above and the ground below;
Glistening with equal fervor
when the dewdrops drop
and the warm winds blow.
Carrying the gentle scent of
innocent persistence
Fearless and unflinching,
Into clogged minds and hearts,
Untying the million knots
And shattering all self-doubt
Into a million bits of myriad hues,
dancing in the sun, gone for good
Turned from pain into something to reckon with
Fearless but not fierce
Naked but not vulnerable
Stronger and surer
Like new leaves in Spring,
Or the first showers of the season
Washing away the mould-crusted minds
Pushing out the old to make way for the new.

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