Words cannot describe you
Even the ones that seem to have a powerful meaning would not bring justice
I mean how could it
Someone as yourself deserves only the finer things in life
Your probably wondering where am I going with this
In a few minutes it will all make sense just follow me for now
Dear, Ms. extraordinary I am intrigued to the fullest
The past you speak about has my attention engaged
For I only seek to listen and understand
Listen to the pain that crosses your voice when talking about the memories
Understand the importance of how it brought you to the present
The fire you burn warms my entire body
Spirit stronger than a hundred lions
It has been a minute since someone made feel like this
Expressing myself with a more diverse vocabulary
If I can be just a little more honest
Been a challenge to see you not with me
I want to be able to keep that precious smile alive
Keep that cute laugh going for as long as possible
To caress you when at rest
Taking in every moment for the memories later on

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