It is like commanding water not to be wet
Refusing the grass to be colored green
Denying the fact that you and I are human
Rejecting the fact that we need food, water, and oxygen to live
Halting the seasons
While yielding the existence of elements
Hiding the moon and imprisoning the stars
Silencing the birds and the words in which we speak
Eradicating feelings and emotions
While telling our spirits to die
Forcing the soul into request of suicide
Demanding the eyes not to see and the mind to be blind
Arguing the sky to be portioned
A privilege with limits
Enticing wrong to rule for an eternity over right
Believing that fear is greater than courage
Advocating that only one type wins
Excerpts of fallacies, the possible made impossible
Try telling me that I don't love you
I give you my heart in this truth

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