Under lock and key

What it would be to be free.
Is my Father in Heaven looking down on me?
I sit here in this cell, wondering about all the wrong I have done
Wondering when this boring life will be alive again; is fun.
I’ve made mistakes and have learned my lesson
I know God has forgiven me and will welcome me in Heaven.
But will those I have hurt forgive me and welcome me back?
For all I have done it’s forgiveness I lack.
For those I have hurt, I’m filled with sorrow
Now I am paying and in this place my time is borrowed.
I have lost all contact with those I love
It’s those I sit here with other men and speak of.
They are not forgotten in my mind and heart
I need forgiveness; a fresh start.
I am lonely and have grown numb
In here no matter what you have done you are treated like
The days seem long and never ending
Time stands still and is forever suspending…
Frozen, dissolute, hard and cold
I came here young, I leave old.
It doesn’t matter where I am because I am a free man
I sit here today but tomorrow I stand!
My Lord above has forgiven me; this is man’s law to which I
have to serve
I haven’t lost my mind, my spirit or my nerve.
We all are not perfect and yet we all do wrong
Who are you to judge me as though you sit upon a throne?
For Jesus said, “Those without sin cast the first stone …”
My crime has been atoned.
Time has become my best friend
And nothing more than idleness on my hands
Like everything there are good days and bad
Times of happiness, times I am sad
I will be out soon
To enjoy the beautiful days and the shades of the moon
To walk in the park, beach or garden …
To mend this heart that has hardened.
whether the days come slow or go fast
I am free; free at last!

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