Under Pressure

"Hence I have no mercy or compassion in me for a society
that will crush people, and then penalize
them for not being able to stand up under the weight."
A Whole Nation Under Pressure,
Crushed, Penalized, And Non-Nationalized.
Who More To Blame Than The Society That Claimed It.
A Society That Shamed It a Society
That Trained It To Be Mindless And Obstreperous.
But To Say This Nation Can't Fulfill It's Destiny,
To Be Equal In Many Outstanding Ways Is
A Judgement Of An Underclassmen Character.
To Put Us Under a Rock Like Worms
To Put Us Under The Earth Like The Equator And Dirt,
To Put Us Beneath The Political System
With Out Even a Say To My Thought.
And Shame Us, Lock Us Up,
And Growl To Me Like a Bull Growls At Red Clothes,
Is An Interpretation Of a Politically Insane Atheist.
So Now I Ask Is The Nation Under Pressure Or Am I Under Pressure,
Under Pressure For Believing And Trying To Succeed,
I Ask Why Crush Me? Why Pumble Me? Why Throw Away The Key?
And Blame Me For Not Being
Strong Enough To Stand Up, WHY?

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