Under the Bed [July 6, 2016]

The fires of war burns in his eyes
As he watches, his brothers and sisters die
Helpless and alone, with no strength
He cannot change his parents fate

The criminals kill and steal for their own gain
Ignoring the child hiding behind his pain
Under the bed, he watches their feet
As they slaughter his family with deceit

He cries silently for his loss
As three walk away from broken laws
His home destroyed, his family dead
He ferments in his sorrow, under the bed

As he lays in his grief, the years pass
He is forever tormented by the shattering of glass
The fire that burns within his eyes grows
Until a scheme of revenge and hatred unfold

Hidden in the shadows of darkness, he hunts
Until he finds the criminals he must confront
Another child, hiding behind his fear
Helpless to save those he holds dear

The criminals set the fire ablaze
Robbing and stealing in the craze
Until a man shatters through a broken door
And the criminals stare eye to eye, with the child they ignored

As he walks forward, the man stabs the first
As he cleans the blade, a teen quenches his thirst
Blood dripping from his hands, he nears the last
And the child finally conquers his past

The cycle of hatred has ended, The criminals put to justice
From the fire and burning ashes, he walks into a world of numbness
Hand in hand, the child and man walk free
Now they are the criminals, in an endless dead sea

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