Under the crescent moon

As I stand present time
Past Deja Vu come a new
Collapsed fragmented memories arise in the blue
Baffled by strategic pixels of a midnight Crescent Moon
And a woman appears from the distance
Desert Sands shines of glitter as she imprints
It's my other half my love it's you
A teardrop repels dreams happiness Within
Every time I see you I'm a boy again
Your very presence is a vision of sun
You sit beside me whisper baby I have greatly missed you
I gasp for breath fighting emotions years over death
Her present gallops blissfully true
And this is how we see the magnificence of a midnight Crescent Moon
I utter these words remember what I said to you
Replies yes my love will you tell me again what I know to be true
She repents then sits in the warm desert sand imprint
Her impelling glimmer ignites the night unparalleled shimmering lover site
I said to her
For years it took me to build such a ladder and place my eyes amongst the stars in the blue
So I can keep my eyes on you
So every time you hear a howl to the Moon
It is me singing love songs to you
So when you miss me baby look to the Crescent Moon
Can you hear me singing to you
And know when the wind blows your hair free flickers in the night magnified By Starlight
This is me kissing your every Groove
Overwhelmed by your Majestic poise sent of luminescent bloom and it hits me
You are not the one who has passed
But I was the one to walk out the shadows in the desert dusted Gloom
I've lived in my own dreams and now I know
How could this be
Heart stricken by minds reality
As the weight on my begotten soul
Remedies the thoughts of letting go
I have passed with no query of where is home
My heart lies in the dust of an Angel
So I shall lay down on these Sands of this road
Consumed in a lover's quarrel of a seamless chime
Of my hope my fate lies in my own mind
Written in my own lines of an Infinity time
So I'm on my way my love
I'll be seeing you soon
We shall meet in our place
I have a story for you
Eyes flicker mind consume timer lapses smell of luminescent Bloom
And I see a vision
My heart flutters emotions happiness subdued
We are lost under the midnight of a crescent moon
©Robert B Madole

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