Under the Mask

Does he see me from under this mask?
Do I dare to ask?
Does he see me for my outside?
Or the things I try to hide.
I wish I could tell him how I feel
Because my feelings for him are truly real.
Does he even know I'm there?
Do you think he even cares?

Do I dare to ask?
To see myself under this mask?
Why do I hide from the outside?
What do I hide?
Am I even here?
Are my feelings even real?

I have finally worked up the courage to ask
And I now slowly .... remove my mask.

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This Poems Story

My name is Liliana. I have traveled all over the world. Much of my writing is based on travels, but this poem was inspired by personal events. I liked a boy in my school and I would sometimes stretch the truth in order to get him to notice me. I changed my appearance and wore a dress and makeup so he would notice me. "Under the Mask" is about the idea that this other girl was not me and I learned that it is up to me to find my inner braveness and be who I really am.