Under the Sun

She remembers:

The two girls
A bright morning day,
Sunlight spilling through the windows
She walks over near,
boredom in her face
And with eyes glimmering like moons,
She gleams at the chain hanging over the other’s neck

The cross wearing child smirks at her playmate
And remembering to forgive what others do not know,
She reaches her hand out to the other’s
And her left arm to grasp a blue book
And while the two raced outside,
The yellow sun seemed to be looking down at them
With a smile across its face

The hot grass,
Freshly cut
Red and white roses lining the yard
And grass shreds still flowing through the air,
The girls lay on a pillow-like bush
And open the book, stating
“The Holy Bible”

Taking turns reading
Of the adventures of
Noah and his Ark
of Sampson and his hair,
through The Good Samaritan
And lastly, The Last Supper

The girl’s tears dropping
For the suffered souls
And they drip beyond the rocks thrown
And the bodies mercilessly buried

The children listen to the cars driving by
And the wind whistling through the air
They lay silently
Absorbing what five-year-olds
Can absorb

She watches the yard
And sees the now dead roses,
Thorns taking over
Lining the pillow-like bush
And as the giggles ring in her mind
She turns towards the now empty house
Of her old playmate
And shakingly holds the faded blue book
With handprints half the size of her’s today
And as she closes her eyes
And steps outside
She feels the long, pointy grass
And sits in the grey, now dead bush
She opens the holy book
And reads Noah and his Ark
of Sampson and his hair,
through The Good Samaritan
And finally, The Last Supper
And a small bit of rain pours down on the page
Rain that only drips from her upset face
And as the water drops,
The memory comes back
And she looks at the falling sun,
As she did that day with her friend

Until they all could not see the holy light anymore
And as their eyelids grew heavy,
The other turned her head
Towards her classmate
And whispered;

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