Under the Underdog

imagine being under the underdog your entire life.
there are a ton of movies about underdogs!
where are the cliched stories about the under, underdogs?

where are the disappointments?
where are the failures?
where are the waste of space that others manifest to disappear!

maybe they’re out running the mean and unusual streets.
maybe they’re crashing the pavement and screaming at humanity,
for turning paper into a dollar.

bring forth the pillowcase that has swallowed your mascara filled tears.
play that playlist you live in,
dance in,
breathe in.

read me the diary that you write in the third person to escape your own reality.
show me your recent call list that’s filled with spam numbers from every state except yours!

the under, underdog is never the main character.
they fantasize their rising action, climax, and resolution.
even if it’s a messed up plot, it’s better than you—
you are just a messed up plot.

that is why you are beneath the people who are doubted, and the people who do the doubting.
there’s nothing to doubt about an under, underdog!
there are only surprises.

they aren’t surprised that they doubted you,
but that they have to to give you credit.
they’re astonished that you not only proved them wrong,
but proved yourself right!

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