Underneath the Beauty

Put on your red lipstick and walk out with a smile
I haven't seen something that genuine in a while
Where have u been
U haven't been around where are u hidin
Uve been masked with ur two tone bronzer and ruby red smirk
Ur mascara brought full lashes but I saw the hurt
Your smile is deceptive you carry it well
But your eyes had a different story to tell
I seen u the other day; I wanted to make sure u were doin alright
U went out the other night
U sat alone are u alright?
U had one drink and you left; u didn't stay very long
I wanted to ask u what was wrong
I had many questions your so different I almost didn't notice u
You've been quiet lately no late night posts
No quotes no hashtags no cheers to the future toasts
That isn't like you, your a woman of inspirational words
do u have writers block
I couldn't reach your heart did u change the lock?
I tried to call u but it went to voicemail
Do u have a secret? if so do tell
Your phone hasn't been on and right now I need u
Did u change ur number cause I can't seem to reach
Hello? Why are u avoiding me what have I done?
I know u saw me coming why did u run?
I thought u loved love now u can't take the pain?
Ever since I broke ur heart u haven't been the same
I thought that's what u wanted u knew that love hurt
now u just don't want me? Your just gonna put yourself first?!

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