Underneath the Pit

You try to live your life as habitual as one can,
Trying your best to keep up pretenses
Making sure you're keeping up appearances.
Try your best to please all that may need pleasing,
But often inadvertently neglecting to add your name to the list
Because of your mind, to your heart
You are not worth anything but tears and a shot glass.

You often learn that you are not the top 10 or even the top 20.
The words you speak to make your heartbeat fast
Doesn't always matter to those who seem to be stuck in the past
The more you try to move forward
The more you get lost on the path of least resistance.
Let's face it, it may seem effortless,
But it's close to choosing death
Death by words and actions are things that always seem to be more poignant.

You sink lower and lower,
Seeing yourself through the lenses or someone you thought would be there
Pathetic and just for empathy
You sink lower and lower
Reaching that point where it may be too late to turn back.
Crying may seem worth it,
But the headache that often comes with
Often hidden to those who may not seem to understand your heart.

You hide completely void of emotion
Or some that no one will ever see
The lower you sink,
The harder it remains to be seen
The lower you sink,
It begins manifests those who cared and who didn't.

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This Poems Story

The feelings you experience with depression and sadness.