Underneath the Surface

Addiction doesn't keep the worst of it hidden
When the high wave I've ridden
Crashes into fits of forbidden sarcasm
And cranky kicks of verbal abuse
So I isolate my madness in a soundproof room
Where my skull is made a prison
And down, sit my transgressed disposition
Given the test of civil respect
For the sake of social interaction
"No miss, it isn't going to happen,"
Says my brain's chemical imbalance
With no regard for the pleasant attitude
I attempt to maintain
Despite its constant challenges
Out, pouts my bottom lip
If I don't focus on masking it
And scrunched up crinkles resort to my forehead
Wherein, my cortex scavenges for memories of happiness
In the moment the ask me what is wrong
In a world where honesty doesn't belong
And I'm running from it, all damn day long
Desperate for silence
And ashamed for anyone I might have taken it out on.

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