I understand that when you say you love me it's just a word to you. I understand that you did make me feel like a fool . But what I don't understand is how can you be okay when you say what you say and make someone have a messed up day. Do it make you happy to see me cry ? I understand I never met anyone like you who can keep a straight face wall you lie no" i that that back i have met a few more people that lie. Do you have no soul or heart or did someone or life tear it a part. I don't understand why you picked me to let loose all your lies and Broken Dreams. I understand sometimes these things happen you fall in love with the wrong person and you don't know what happened. I understand that sometimes the vow you make to someone you brake but what happens to me when you walk away ? I understand you might not care and move on. but real love don't move that fast. That's what I know and have come to understand.

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This poem is about understanding . But sometimes what you say or do to someone you still never get to understand. So just getting to the place of being ok with that.