Like the shadows that never see the light,
There are feelings that cease to appear.
The voices you're incapable of hearing,
The beauty you cannot see.
Dulcet fragrances you'll never know to enjoy,
Emotions in which you show no sympathy nor compassion.
Feelings that are ignored by your presumptions;
Your senses immune to passion and pain.
All the while, your soul displays pure frustration.

Like that, you're blinded by your near sight.
You don't understand, for my cries and whispers you cannot hear.
You don't care to sense the blood that flows like a river of agony,
Or build a dam to terminate my wounds.
You cannot understand who I am,
For you consider my frailty, never my strengths.
You compare ability to personality, capability to power.
I look at you hoping that you'll understand,
But I am disappointed everyday by your inability.

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