Understandably incomprehensible

I am an enormous tree in the middle of a
And a gigantic flame in the middle of the sea.
I am good, and very bad,
Happiness and misery.
I am simple, and very complex,
Honor and mystery.

I am very calm,
Like a gracious melody.
And very agitating,
Like a serious malady.
Off the coast, I am a wreck,
The waves of life keep washing my drives.
Am I finally my own slave?

I have a hundred of reflections;
Some are bright,
And some dark.
Or rather, zero reflections,
A man with no shadow.

I am the air of this song,
The verses of this poem.
Like the air, I am stretchy and compressible.
Am I not just understandably

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Written in 2008 Translated from French