Understanding My Love

I just want you to understand,
that all what I want from you,
will never grow on trees,
come wrapped in pretty papers, with ribbons & bows,
all the material things in my life will never measure up to or have any value to me ,
they don't comfort me when I cry or smile,
nor do they compare to the warmth & tenderness you deliver to me in your every smile or kiss,
even with the slightest touch when passing in the hall, that to me,
is the sweetest most precious gift you have ever given to me sense I've know you,
to me that is were your footprints start making those deeper impressions on my heart,
that's what completes me,
that's a gift know one could ever take from me, no one but you,
my heart,
it dance's every time you place your warm hand in mine,
while whispering the words I love you baby angel,
I just want to cry,
that's why I get so quite,
close my eyes,
and snuggle so deep into your soft neck,
I need to breath slowly inside while living in that moment,
while dreaming of the possibility,
that forever might be in both our minds.


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