Underwater with me?

Let’s grow gills and live underwater
You don’t have to imagine what such a life would be like
I know where to get the potion that’ll give us webbed hands & feet of an otter

We would survive in all likelihoods
The Ocean is a big place with lots of places to hide
Adventure & exploring things we’ve never seen would be our livelihoods

Say Hello to shining fish scales in fragmented Sunrays and Goodbye to Texas cowhide
Pack your bags leaving behind your human brain
I’m going to make you sane like Dr.Jeckel without Mr.Hyde

Living in the Ocean doesn’t make you crazy like Cypress Hill being insane in the membrane
There’s coral reefs to swim and new surfaces to peek
Shores of the Caribbean Ocean and further will be our new memories

We’ll take Mountains in the middle of the Ocean and play peek-a-boo
We won’t worry about obligations because we live in the Ocean
Tell the humans mermaids are no longer taboo

They just saw the Ocean and decided to give Her their devotion
What’s so wrong with turning away from life on ground for that love?
Wouldn’t you take that potent of a potion?

We’ll come with me I can make exploring the Ocean your ladylove
We’ll take the potion and then escape into saltwater
We can live the life of a mermaid underwater like the one named hereinabove
We’ll only fear sharks when there’s tidewater
So escape with me to places you’ll forget the fear
I would love to run away with you to forever hide underwater

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