Uneasy Times

get out of my world you're not my kin or my kind living off peoples emotions you feed
you're of a different breed I don't have any room for you no need it's a slow watch of misery the people have turned into zombies no emotions just a deteriorating mind demonizing their time happiness seems to be confused with anger and rage madness and confusion is the center stage there's an uneasy feeling that creeps up in tough times we have to pull it together learn how to deal with unpredictabilities we control or we'll lose our minds sticking together is the right thing to do if we don't we will be lost blind and without a clue there's still time to change your destiny don't let it be done over or through don't ignore your own perceptions don't let them have complete domination and control over you don't give in there is still time and hope keep your Faith alive stay afloat don't let them make you think they've taught you they will leave you behind they've forgotten you

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