Life without mistakes tends to make us who we are..
Without mistakes how else we are going to learn...
Simple fact is that, things always falls into pieces ...
It's what make us realize what is real..
the facts is nothing can express how we truly feel...
We hide behinds secrets and lies..
But is it because of what we are afraid, to get hurt?
Or is hurt the ones we love
Or perhaps I s it the fact they can't handle the truth..
Realistically in life, we are just human
And we tend to seek what is the best in us or the worst...
Can we really express how we truly feel?
What is truly real?
Or is it hesitation deep down inside in our heart and mind
That deep down inside people don't change
We deal with the unexpected...
the choices we make and decide
the judgment being judge where opinion is out spoken
We are the unexpected of life
And faith is where your life lies ..
right where you need to be at

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