Unfaded Memory

My name is Sophie-Chantey
I was born a crack baby
My mother was addicted to crack cocaine
when she became pregnant with me
The earliest childhood memory I can recall,
though long ago moth-balled away
in the attic of faded memories,
is as vivid to me right now
as a snapshot on a pristine clear day
I suppose the reason why this memory is
remembered so well in such fine detail
is because whenever I thought about it ---
this unspoken bond of love, I would cry
Those were tears of unbridled joy
They helped comfort me growing up
through some rough years of cruel taunts and insults by other kids
I don't know how old I was when this crystalline memory formed
I could not have been more than two or three
But I recall my mother laying next to me sleeping
Then she turned facing me, still sleeping, and smiled at me
And put her face next to my face and kissed me
I truly believe she was dreaming about me
This unspoken bond of love remains with me to this day
This unspoken bond of love my mother showed me has never ever faded away
Now twenty some odd years later, I am separated from her
because I still walk in the land of the living
Yet the memory of her unspoken love keeps giving and giving and giving
Giving me the strength to go on each day
Giving me the strength to persevere and pray
Giving me the strength to continue walking strong
down a path that she had struggled so hard to stay on

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