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Unfaithful Fall

In the wake of your unfaithful heart's cruel sting,
I've been burdened with doubts that forever cling.
Am I a mere option, a choice you settle for,
Because you know you'll always have to share her more?

Would you turn to her if not for this shared fate,
Does she hold a worth that seals our love's cruel state?
What makes her worth more in your searching eyes,
Than the love and fidelity that I've supplied?

I've given myself to you, and you alone,
Bringing your child into a world of our own.
Yet her presence lingers, a weight I cannot bear,
Leaving me to wonder if our love will repair.

One day you may find love for me anew,
But the scars you've left may alter my view.
I fear that when that day finally arrives,
My love for you will have withered and died.

I'll walk away then, as if you were nothing at all,
Leaving behind the burden of your unfaithful fall.

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