Unfamiliar Hero

The still shadows whispered delicately,
Haunted by pernicious memories of combat
Years devoted to defending the Mistress of Liberty
He was a Leonidas among his complement,
Now confined,
A man once heartened by duty in freeing sundry and country,
Now a prisoner in his own body!
He was a constant gentleman
Affable and dauntless
Sitting in bane venomous remnants
Vexed by unfamiliar visage
Always saluted pristinely by this elderly champ
Waiting to find peace in personal casualty
He was one of the few inclinations
It was hard to not to akin to his reticence and valour
.Then one day, his flight progressed
The man of honour lay to his side,
Half blackened by blood
Blood that flowed once for country
The sun shun as always
I was shattered in fright and misery
In silence I observed his spirit departing home
This hero lived
This hero died
The man I served and loved.
Without the union of heritage or nation
Had become my hero too

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