Unfamiliar Love

Without you I am lost, empty, sustain and void;
looking for something in the dark with no
direction or light. What I am looking for is
you love because you are patient, strong and full. You are
complete and needed. Only special people can have you
because of your strength and value. See the world does not
know you, they are confused .They label you as easy and simple.
In reality you are worthy and different. Love, without you
I am distant, ignorant, dull and lifeless. See you are
needed; you are air that my God breathes on me. God introduce
you to me and then enhance me to spread it to all that will
receive it. Love you are so unfamiliar in this world,
people would pay to have you but their money has no
value, to you. Love is not jealous, self center and
incomplete. Love is not doing it my way or just me.
Love is full, complete and life. My God only you
can give, explain and provide the unfamiliar love
this world so needs. Love is not selfish, degrading
or brief. Love with you I am value, complete and whole.
Love, unfamiliar love that God gave to me.
Without you I am cold, ever searching and cheap.

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