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Unforeseen Battle

As a child, I never dreamed
Of the path where I now tread,
A winding road, unforeseen,
Where addiction rears its head.

I longed for skies of endless blue,
And dreams that soared on high,
But now I wander, lost and true,
Beneath a dark and clouded sky.

I never thought that I would be
Enslaved by substances so strong,
They whispered promises to me,
But now I see where I went wrong.

I yearned for love and joy and light,
Yet found myself ensnared instead,
In shadows deep, where day is night,
I never dreamed I'd be misled.

But in this struggle, let me find
The strength to rise, to break free,
To leave this heavy chain behind,
And find the person I long to be.

Though I never dreamed I'd take this road,
I'll fight to change my story's course,
And seek the dreams my heart once stowed,
Before addiction held its force.

So here I stand, against the odds,
With hope and courage as my creed,
For though I never dreamed I'd be at war,
I'll fight for the life I truly need.

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    As a child I never dreamed I\'d grow up to be an addict, both of my parents were addicts and it caused me a childhood filled with lots of pain and many different types of abuse. And although I struggle with addiction I do not expose my children to it or the lifestyle because I made the choice to not be like my parents and that\'s one way so far I have not.