Every morning when I wake up, I roll over,
So I can watch the sunrise kiss your bare shoulders,
Last night it was us,Southern Comfort, and Coca-Cola,
Recollecting how it felt to know you,one word,(Ambrosia);

We were kicking back on Cloud 9 without Air Jordans,
Where every Minute spent with you becomes a rare moment,
This is all of your fault, you never gave me a fair warning,
And I haven't never really cared about another Woman;

Or shared something with someone
Like I do with you,
That's why I pursue you
Like a Celebrity Sex-Tape on You-Tube,
Your Love must be voodoo,because who knew,
We'd be together around the clock like Cuckoo...

And I just want you to realize life could be different
only if you let me in it
I can be your Troy Aikman, maybe you can be my "Emmitt"
Which means we are going to have a ball,
And everything we do will be memorable.Unforgettable

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