Unfulfilled ambitions

A poem is written about are young man.
Who his thoughts were beyond realms of time.
His thoughts and imaginations knew no conformity.
He was wordprenuer he could talk from dusk to dawn.
Maybe he could talk and reach as far as the east from west.
He stood tall as time, and his thoughts burnt like wild fires.
He was creative, imaginative and so passionate that could light a fire and watch it profusely burn, until what is left is just ashes.
Him and time where just world apart, he knew no time.
He was stuck and stranded inside his own cocoon.
Inside his world he was ruler of his infinite thoughts.
Ideas and imagination that never manifested in real world.
What a painful tragedy of a living man, who never took are step.
Just to turn his ideas into reality.

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This Poems Story

This poem is just for the few creative people who always have best business ideas and never implement them all the do is just to talk. Its just a tragedy .