Unhappy With You

Id rather be unhappy with you than without you
Why can't I say goodbye
I've lived a life before that I loved
Your light gets brighter because I'm feeding you my energy
Who is gonna feed me?
Who is gonna make sure my light is bright enough to shine with theirs

If we are fighting at least we are speaking
Silence hurts more
I'd rather fight with you than let you go
We both know this isn't going to last
One of us will have to find someone new
For us to let go of this old
Old, broken, painful, pointless struggle
Why is it such a struggle?

Like final destination are we just working so hard against the fate
the fate that doesn't want us together?
We were close, this close, so close
to being connected by blood and a being and being called Mommy and Daddy
But the universe conversed with biology and said no no no you got it all wrong.
That soul isn't supposed to unite those two people
So it left

Left us to try and be 2/3 of the family we thought we would be
But what are we fighting for anymore?
The most important thing worth fighting for is gone
And we lost more than a life
We lost our will to love
To love each other
To make this work
Because it doesn't work

But id rather be unhappy with you than without you
Because I've already lost a part of you once
I don't know what I'll do if I lost all of you for good

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