Flowers blossoming as the winter sky drains away.
The only time where you can play around in the rain.
Memories collapsing all the time of the day.
In or out,the beauty of Spring is slowly changing ways.

The morning days are turning into Monday's
Is as if winter came back from the game
But I'm still persistent,hoping that someone would listen
To the tulips and daisies who are taking longer to change.

Daily water and fertilizer aren't enough anymore
Of coarse,since their surroundings aren't the same
Oh god why won't anyone listen to the tulips and daisies?!?
Their trying to be persistent,hoping that someone would listen
To them before they fade away.

Why couldn't anyone listen?
As the flowers don't glisten,their practically non existent.
Spring will no longer be the same
They've practically changed their names
And who are the ones to blame?
For shame,I nod;
it's all those people with the cold frame.

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