Uniquely extinct

By Ali San   

I am Misunderstood...

I find subtlety in my transgressions

I find softness in the darkened waters filled with my blood,sweat,and tears

I wear my hardship as a cloak to hide the reality of my beautifulness , yet even then it shows

I tilt my head to the whispers that float effortlessly across my backside,

I am misunderstood.

My passion surrounds me, the desire is abundant

The poetry of my frown transcends the humility of your laughs

The depth of my purpose goes far beyond the intent of your out look

I am misunderstood....

And you will never understand.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written from a place of unnoticed beauty. I write poetry for this who are desirably ugly yet hauntingly beautiful. I find the lives we live as a constant contradiction that eludes our purpose as people. Whether or not you like it or understand it , there exist a grey area in our existence that can only be filled by perception.