The moment is here, finally.
Nerves tingle, thoughts arise.
Immediately, they dissipate into
nothing; the sound of her breath,
her lips, focus attention on the
moment. Clawing at skin, we embrace,
sharing energy. This generates

heat, and thus, more passion. As I
slide my tongue into her mouth,
I taste her saliva, the ultimate aphrodisiac.
Attacks of deep breathing throw
me into a fit; I lean my head close to hers,
foreheads rest on each other. Energy rush-
es through my head into hers--wonderful.

I smell her hair--cocaine to me;
addiction begins with the loss of love,
and ends once one realizes it never left.
I lift my head to stare into her eyes, awe-struck
at the art of her soul; still holding our gaze, I
penetrate her--death of self,
resurrection of us.

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