Unite for the Future

To focus on the past when such a mass of time and space,
Has been the end of something too many times to replaced.
The future is what matters and what needs to be fixed,
As the past has already happened and it can only be missed.

Generation after Generation,
Suffering for the mistakes of leaders long gone,
Wars that never stop and continue to carry on.
But for what, why? When the future needs peace and change,
When we can embrace our differences,
Accept that not everyone's the same.
Love our neighbors for who they are,
And not what we think they should be,
Stop forcing our own opinions on everybody.

The Universe is for most, too large to comprehend,
And yet the only life we can find is trying hard to make it end.
It's US, that's IT, we're our only helping hand,
We have to make the choice,
To set aside our differences and take a stand,
The past is just that, so let it be so
Look to the future we have a long way to go.

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