United States of America

United States of America, so high, stands
No one can deny its power among the lands
It is for the world, a model in everything
Throughout its air, democracy and freedom ring
Eagerly, its people work to achieve their dreams
Day by day, even though, so often, hard time streams

Sons and daughters of it, always so brave and proud
To death, fight to defend and keep its freedom loud
All its admirers see it as the shining sun
Tough enemies often try to hit it and run
Ever, we do not waste time to go after them
Seek respect; we do, for our national anthem

Our freedom and glory, we fight to keep them high
Fights we do are recommended by the most high

Abraham Lincoln died for ending our slavery
Martin's dream, through Obama, had its delivery
Exciting histories are our priority
Raise up our country, we have that ability
"In God we trust," we always build our foundation
Come and see our great works for your exploration
America, on top, is our first ambition

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This Poems Story

My name is Jean Darly Henry. I was born and raised in Haiti. My religion is Mormon. I spent two years in law school and four years as a police officer in Haiti before I migrated to the USA. I have resided in New Jersey since February 2000. I got married in May 2002. My wife and I have three sons and a daughter. I have had an affection for poetry since high school. My poem, "United States of America", is a testimony of how much I love being a citizen of the United States of America.