Going through a lot seem like the problems still coming
Trying to get myself together because the clock is still running
Running out of time but I can't stop yet
Almost to the end although I can't see it
I want be stopped as long as I understand
Sometimes you fail but you keep marching on
Until you can't think for yourself or until the feeling is gone
Cause I know once it's over I did all I could
Can't look back now only press forward
Chasing after something I just can't ignore
With my dignity and pride I have the right keys to open the door
Cardio train still rolling u can hear it through my chest
Legs getting numb but I continue to press
Forgetting other things because I finally know what is best
Making myself happy for once being first not last
Forgetting my past for it only holds me back from my true calling
I struggled so much that I kept stumbling
But I held my head high and kept going giving my all
To close to greatness I refused to fall almost done now
So I refused to call for a thing called mercy
For I wasn't afraid of where my dreams would take me
Living life to its fullest not giving a dang
The problems keep coming but now that's all the past
So I'm just searching for the moment that the time will last

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