Universal Drama

In this 'verse my life is a tragedy.
The death of my lover sealing the deal.
In another 'verse perhaps I live happily,
But with fewer opportunities at learning to heal.

In this 'verse my life is a satire.
A chorus of proud phalluses singing a siren's song.
In another 'verse our love is unmarred by desire.
In light and love we live our long lives strong.

In this 'verse I hope for a comedy.
May the last of my life be spared sorrow and pain.
In another 'verse I might be reaching endlessly.
In this life I seek peace with what remains.

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This Poems Story

Angela Proctor, warrior poet and liberated woman, resides on a mountaintop in the ancient and complex Appalachian Mountain Range. Blessed with enlightened loved ones, she has endeavored to glean as much wisdom, knowledge and love from them as this tumultuous life allows. As a student of science, mixed marial arts and weaponry, and the beauty of life, she and her loyal friends bask in sunlight and mountain streams, and hike through lush forests when not training in her creekside dojo. Her ebook of poetry, Born Under Punches, is available for purchase on Amazon.com.