I had the universe in my hands, and you, you held the stars.
Everything you had tempted me and I
let go of everything I knew, everything I believed in.
the love, the promises, the irony. It all stung in the end.
You took my galaxies and gave them to her,
and I clawed at volcanoes and howled at the moon.

You fashioned flowers from her long flowing hair and I pulled
my skin from my body in sheets,
trying to become who it was you were looking for.
That pain hurt.
I grabbed shards of glass and let them go again,
listening to them hit the tile and shatter once again.
I looked up to see your smile of happiness and knew
that you were better where you were.
I destroyed myself for you and you. you were okay again.

Me, I was left with my universes and galaxies,
but it wasn't good enough anymore.
I wasn't good enough.
My teardrops fell and created more worlds but I couldn't blink.
I forgot everything but what you told me,
the debris of what could've been clouding
my heart and brain until those were the only words that echoed
through my being.
I held the universe in my hands, but somehow, that wasn't enough.

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