Adhere to what when the writing of is unknown.
Collectively expressing I as I rambling to those.
Punctuating and contemplating errors already made.
My beginning is final as I still write as a seamstress.
Sitting now hoping to be looked upon.
What's to be written in this embroidery poem.
Collaboratively limited and characterized in my lines.
Dignified in moral self to the judges of your eyes.
Plunder as you derive and make what is as your own.
Censorious people carved through a milestone.
Unaware of my speech I still write with no meaning.
Obligations are contract and subject with you people.
Interpret this reading as disregard to no purpose.
Advised with decisions not knowing the author.
I am unknow in short terms to one poem, one time.
I am one per household not to be disqualified.
I am unsure of stanza breaks of my title.
I am not capitalized in letters.
I am unsure of grammatical errors.
My writing is texting lingo with possible lineation.
I'm indicating my voice to be considered nature.

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