3/20/12, Forever.

My love is all I know how to do for you;
You're the reason I still breathe.
I wanna know, how would you feel if I were to leave you?
Give me a reason to stay with you
when I break your heart.
Tell me you love me and you want another chance.
but give me a reason you won't do it again.
Make me believe you-
in everything that you do and say.
Hold me in your arms and tell me,
"Baby, you always want me to stay".
Love me in a way that no other man could love.
Show me the light to Heaven in your wings of glory.
How do I know you won't get up
and leave me when we start to fight?
We have to make things right for the better of our life.
You show me right, and I show you wrong...
You show me happy and I show you better sad.
but together we show each other
things that most relationships don't have.
We can't change the past, but we could change the future.
Hand by hand, we discover new things that we never knew.
We're together through thick and through thin-
loving one another and dying hand by hand.

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