Big,small,short or tall.

A young girl crying in the bathroom stall.

It does not matter black or white.

A obese child staying out of sight.

Bullying has now become a part of this world.

Its unfortunate that people agree with this hurl.

It's not what's on the outside that counts.

It's what's on the inside the love of infinite amounts.

People getting mauled because of there sexual preference.

Why does it matter for we should all have acceptance.

All life is about is friendship and family.

So leave others be to make there own tapestry.

Social media while bringing people closer is also a big cause.

people to scared to bully face to face retreat to a keyboard.

I teach my child to resepct everything that's alive.

His mother his father his teacher his pride.

As we now reach the end of this story.

I hope your left with one thing and one thing ONLY.

Do not worry about what people do with there life.

Just concentrate on yours and we will all be fine.

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