Birds chirp and sing their beautiful song.
The crystal clear blue sky is bright with the promises of tomorrow.
Across the light, refreshing breeze are the secrets of time gone by,
Never changing.
The bright sun gazes down upon us and gives us it's warmth;
Without it we would be nothing, like the voids of deep space.

At night the moon and the stars sparkle,
Like thousands of past souls watching over us from above.
We don't even know which stars are still alive,
From the ones that have long since been burned out.
But to us, small, here on earth,
They all look alive and bright as ever.

What a wonderful and curious world we live in,
Full of God's wonder.
Is it really too hard to understand why some things,
We are just not able to understand?
God has a bigger plan that we are not meant to know.

So I revel in its beauty, and secrets;
I live for today, and I pray for tomorrow.

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